Effective adventure based team building activities designed to improve inter- and intra – personal communication.
Make your conference unforgettable!  We provide an array of quality activities to suit your group and your situation.
Get your team performing to their full potential.   Push comfort zones, increase opportunities to engage in flow, improve team cohesion…. what does your team need to achieve?
For individuals – Set dates twice a month on the best cliffs close to Adelaide. For groups – get in touch to book your experience.

Why Venture Corporate Recharge?

Extensive Experience

Venture started in 1989, and has specialised in delivering adventure based team building activities since then. That depth of knowledge has allowed us to develop a diverse range of experiences to match your group’s desired outcomes. From just plain fun to more focussed outcomes such as conflict resolution, change management, to shifts in self concept and more therapeutic desired outcomes, we really do have a big bag of tricks! 

The Best Facilitation Team

We take pride in the quality of our staff. We only hire outdoor professionals with extensive experience and qualifications across many outdoor disciplines, including advanced first aid and all the necessary security clearances. We seek out well grounded people with good leadership and facilitation instincts. We actively train and develop our staff to deliver high quality experiences.

What is Adventure Based Learning (ABL?)

Our Unique point of difference is our use of Adventure Based Learning (ABL) methodologies across our range of services. Essentially, ABL is a particular form of experiential education, learning by doing, that challenges people’s homeostasis through a blend of perceived emotional and other types of risk. “Through novel and challenging group experiences, positive individual change can happen” – Rod Quintrell

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All four of the morning planets, plus the autumn zodiacal light, at about 6am this morning. You won't see zodiacal light without a dark rural or outback sky.
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Great work from the Gotoplaceapp.com, showing support for local Outdoor Industry members with these low cost subscriptions.

And keep an eye out for Venture on there!

South Australia's promotion of residents and international visitor experiences, services, industries and the unique nature within arms length is available for .65 cents a day subsidised for all South ... See more

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Spending a day kayaking is a unique experience for your team. Get out of the office and into nature. Qualified guides, beautiful locations across SA.

Learn more - www.venture.net.au

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Earth Hour is today! Every year, in over 180 countries, people all around the world take part in an amazing global conservation movement. Take part in Earth Hour tonight by switching off all your ... See more

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Book your friends and family a day of fun-filled team adventure and games at one of our Adventure Hubs, Kayaking Tours or Rock Climbing Experiences.

Learn more - www.venture.net.au

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