High Ropes

Our tree based Challenge Ropes course is the oldest and we believe, still the best in SA – with a total of 17 elements ranging from 4 to 10 metres in height. The ropes course is situated in a forest which provides shelter from sun and wind all year round and an immersive experience among the trees.

The course is designed to be a group participation experience, where individuals achieve their own goals through the development of cooperation and trust in the group through skill attainment and effective communication.

The site is designed around Adventure Based Learning methodologies, a type of experiential education where individual outcomes are achieved through specific group processes.

The wide range of challenges on offer ensures that people of differing ability levels and with differing desired outcomes will be able to use the facilities to extend themselves beyond their normal ‘comfort zones’.

A well facilitated Challenge Ropes session offers groups countless opportunities for personal challenge, development of trust, communication and working closely in small groups.