Venture Corporate Recharge

Leaders in people development

Venture Corporate Recharge has been providing South Australia with Adventure Based Learning, a form of experiential education (ABL) programs for nearing 30 years. The company began as a business which delivered primary corporate programs, however over the years Venture has grown into a much larger organisation that also offers programs to Schools, Youth groups, Sports Teams, Social Groups and Conferences.

Venture Corporate Recharge specialises in team building activities throughout Adelaide and greater South Australia. Utilising our outdoor adventure background to bring high class team building activities to corporate, youth and teams at any stage of group development.

Venture Corporate Recharge is now cccredited by both The Australian Camps Association and Australian Tourism Accreditation Program.

Why Venture?

We are here to help your team achieve all that they can by using our Adventure Based Learning (ABL) team development strategies.

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us some of the things they love about us, including:

  • Almost 30 years of educating experience (est. 1989)
  • Experts in Adventure Based Learning (ABL)
  • Custom made programs
  • Interactive learning
  • Unique activities (including the Mt Lofty & Southern Adventure Hubs)
  • Experienced and friendly facilitators

Our mission is to assist individuals and organisations to realise and to achieve their full potential. We achieve this by providing highly effective training programs to enhance individual and team effectiveness.

Experiential and Accelerated learning principals are applied to a balance of indoor and outdoor management exercises. These powerful and highly effective training methodologies maximise the learning opportunities for all participants.

To expand the organisation using sound business practices and Adventure Based Learning to facilitate personal growth and change, empowering individuals, business’s and teams to create their own success.

  • Personal Responsibility – Encouraging team members and individuals to be proactive in responding to the needs of the team, regardless of position or title. There is a ‘no blame’ only solutions culture.
  • Respect (of self, others, environment) – Venture promotes the enjoyment of and respect for the outdoors, and the opportunity to develop both skills and knowledge for responsible interaction with their environment. Respect for individuals regardless of differences, and respect for self.
  • Integrity/Trustworthiness – We practice personal discipline by being true to ourselves, aligning our behaviour with our intentions and keeping commitments.
  • Diversity – Venture understands, acknowledges and respects differences between people. We provide an environment that values diversity and enhances understanding among individuals who all have different lived experience of the world.
  • Excellence – Commitment to providing innovative and inspiring programs to inspire individual excellence in each participant.
  • Inclusivity – Fostering an environment where diversity is respected and valued. Equally important is the provision of high quality play opportunities to participants regardless of their needs and abilities.
  • Freedom – We value individual uniqueness and seek to provide a nurturing environment in which we may all choose to fulfil our purpose, within the context of our agreements.
  • Purpose – We are committed to our purpose and its ongoing development. We demonstrate our purpose through our actions.
  • Growth – We provide opportunities for people to identify areas for development exercise their courage and participate in experiences that encourage “stretch” for the purpose of personal growth.
  • Interdependence – We recognise the power of diversity within relationships. We achieve synergy by encouraging people to work together to achieve a greater outcome.
  • Self – We acknowledge and accept that we are all responsible for our behaviours and attitudes. We recognise that we are the product of our own choices.
  • Balance – We work towards achieving harmony between physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual areas of our lives for a state of well-being and peace.